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Demystify your perimenopause with our comprehensive, at-home hormone test.

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Easy, at-home urine test

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The most comprehensive hormone test on the market, offering insights into both hormone production AND metabolism.


Take out the guesswork and understand what’s really going on with your hormones.


A simple urine test with four collections on paper strips during one day in your cycle. We’ll show you which day is best for you.


Our tests and expertise are a fraction of the price of private hormone clinics.


Evidence-based recommendations tailored to you and your results.

What will I learn from the hormone test?

Identify Common Hormone Imbalances

Common hormone imbalances like oestrogen dominance or testosterone dominance could be driving or worsening your perimenopause symptoms.

Check Your Hormone Metabolism

Poor estrogen metabolism in Phase 1 or Phase 2 can exacerbate all perimenopause symptoms.

Learn your individual baseline

If you’re considering HRT, take out the guesswork and figure out which hormones you really need.

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Which markers do we test?

Take back control of your perimenopause symptoms today

of women experience low mood or depression
0 %
have trouble sleeping
0 %
suffer from increased anxiety or loss of confidence
0 %
experience new PMS or heavy and painful periods
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We're on a mission to fix women's hormones.

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