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We observed some signs of underlying hormone imbalance and stress which could be driving your perimenopause symptoms. We recommend our Advanced Hormone Test


  • Powerful insights into hormone production, hormone balance and hormone metabolism in perimenopause.
  • Also assesses stress hormones, nutrients and neurotransmitters.
  • Expert-reviewed report + a personalised protocol.
  • Easy, at-home collection via dried urine.

What will I learn from testing?

Identify Common Hormone Imbalances

Common hormone imbalances like oestrogen dominance or testosterone dominance could be driving or worsening your perimenopause symptoms.

Check Your Hormone Metabolism

Poor oestrogen metabolism in Phase 1 or Phase 2 can exacerbate all perimenopause symptoms. It’s important to check this first before starting oestrogen hormone therapy.

Learn your individual baseline

If you are considering HRT, take out the guesswork and figure out which hormones you really need and in which dosage.

The most comprehensive and accurate hormone test on the market

Our urine-based hormone tests are more accurate and comprehensive than a single blood test for hormones.

Improved Accuracy

Our hormones are pulsed into our body throughout the day and night. So a single blood test could be capturing a trough, a peak or somewhere in between. With urine testing we can take an average reading across 4-5 samples to get a more accurate reading.

more comprehensive

Gain insights into your hormone production, hormone balance AND hormone metabolism. Often when we’re symptomatic, it can be due to poor metabolism of our hormones (rather than having too much or too little) and it’s only possible to test your hormone metabolites in urine. 

easier collection

Our hormone tests are pain-free. Urinating on strips of paper is easier and less painful than collecting your own blood sample.

Which markers do we test?

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