The most comprehensive and accurate hormone testing on the market

Our urine-based hormone tests are more accurate and comprehensive than a single blood test for hormones.

Get a more accurate picture

Our hormones are pulsed into our body, so a single blood test could be capturing a trough, a peak or somewhere in between. With urine testing we can take an average reading across 4-5 samples to get a more accurate reading.

Test your metabolites

It’s only possible to test your hormone metabolites in urine. Often when we’re symptomatic, it can be due to poor metabolism of our hormones (rather than having too much or too little).

Collect easily at home

Our hormone tests are pain-free. Urinating on strips of paper is easier and less painful than collecting your own blood sample.

A personalised health plan included with your test

Your nutritionist will review your results and provide evidence-based supplement, diet and lifestyle recommendations tailored to you.

Your personalised health plan

Choose the hormone package that's right for you

What's included?

Your hormone test kit, delivered to your door

A personalised health plan prepared by experts

Free return postage back to our partner lab

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Can I test if...

You, can still test with any of our hormone tests if you do not currently have a cycle. In this case you can test on any day.

If you’re not cycling due to menopause, see FAQ ‘can I test if I’ve been through menopause’.

If you have had a hysterectomy where the uterus has been removed but the ovaries are still present, then you can test. The key here is finding the right day to test, which is 5-7 days after you ovulate. Cycle tracking and Basal Body Temperature are the best ways to assess this. Try our FREE cycle mapping guide to help you to keep track of your cycle and ovulation. 

If you’ve had a total hysterectomy where the ovaries have been removed as well then you can technically test on any day. Your practitioner will be interested in testing your adrenal function, as the adrenal glands take over your hormone production from the ovaries post menopause. This is why we often recommend the Advanced Hormone test as this looks at the adrenal gland functioning as well as nutrient deficiencies, neurotransmitters and inflammation.

If you have had an oophorectomy but you still have a uterus then you can technically test on any day. 

It can still be beneficial to test to assess if your hormones are impacting your symptoms and also to understand how your body is using your hormones too. As a full oophorectomy will result in menopause, we recommend testing with the Advanced Hormone Test as this will also evaluate your adrenal gland function. The adrenal glands produce a small amount of your sex hormones when the ovaries no longer do. If you have had an oophorectomy and are on HRT then we recommend testing to ensure your HRT is being metabolised correctly in the body.

Yes you can and in fact we really recommend that you do test if you are on an estrogen receptor modulator medication like tamoxifen. We can assess to make sure it is working but also most importantly to ensure you estrogen is moving through the correct phase 1 pathways and is being detoxified effectively in phase 2 detoxification too.

Yes, you can test if you’ve been through menopause and you can test on any day.

We usually recommend our Advanced Hormone Test for clients post-menopause, as it looks at your adrenal function (which becomes even more important post menopause as our adrenal glands take over hormone production from the ovaries), neurotransmitter balance, inflammation and nutrient deficiencies. 

If you’re on HRT, see ‘can I test if I’m on HRT’.

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