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Introducing the FUTURE WOMAN perimenopause foundations course

All the expertise usually reserved for our 1-1 clients,
now available in a 5-week online course.

Feeling a sudden loss of confidence or increased anxiety?

Struggling with new symptoms like poor sleep, weight gain and brain fog?

Considering HRT but not sure where to start?

Our perimenopause foundations course will empower you to know exactly what's going on with your body. And each week we'll recommend evidence-based strategies that work for our clients.

Testimonials from previous alumni

"I didn’t know there were four stages to perimenopause!"

Once I’d watched the first video, I was hooked! I was fascinated by the information in the videos and Francesca’s voice is so calming. It’s really interesting hearing about how the different hormones work and the effects of having too much or too little of them in our bodies. I could pinpoint exactly the stages I went through and when from the information you gave. Thanks so much! I loved it! 

— Karen

"I was nervous to start HRT but i feel more confident now"

This course really blew my mind! It was so informative and all the videos were bite-sized so easy to fit around my schedule. I found the information on progesterone fascinating – I thought menopause was all about estrogen but there’s so much more to it. I was nervous about starting HRT but I feel more confident now to know and ask for exactly what I need.

— Annabel

Get to the root cause
of these common perimenopause symptoms

0 %
of women experience low mood or depression
0 %
have trouble sleeping
0 %
suffer from increased anxiety or loss of confidence
0 %
experience new PMS or heavy and painful periods

What's included in the online course?


Weekly bite-sized videos on key topics related to perimenopause


Advice from our women’s health experts and weekly challenges


Free recipes and other downloads


Access to our supportive perimenopause community

Get back to feeling yourself again

Full Course Outline

There’s a lot more to perimenopause than just oestrogen. Each week we’ll guide you through all the latest research and thinking on perimenopause - from HRT to insulin resistance to histamine and supporting oestrogen detox. And we’ll recommend the proven, evidence-based strategies that work for our clients.

Week 1: A deeper understanding of perimenopause

What is perimenopause and what are the common symptoms?

What’s happening to your hormones in perimenopause?

The four stages of perimenopause to look out for

How to track your cycle

How you can begin to support your hormones in perimenopause

Week 2: Weight gain & blood sugar imbalance

What is insulin resistance?

Why is insulin resistance so important in perimenopause?

How can we reverse insulin resistance?

Other causes of weight gain in perimenopause

Week 3: Mood changes & sleep disturbance

Sleep in perimenopause and how you can support it.

Mood changes in perimenopause.

Stress - are you stressed? What you can do to help.

Techniques to support all mood changes and sleep disturbance.

Week 4: Hot flushes, heavy periods & histamine

The basics of oestrogen detoxification

What are hot flushes, why do they occur and how can we support them?

Why do periods get worse in perimenopause and how can we support them?

Why is histamine important in perimenopause?

How can you support histamine in perimenopause?

Week 5: Testing, supplementation and hormone therapy

Testing in perimenopause

All you need to know about supplements in perimenopause

Deep dive on all things hormone therapy

Contraception and conception in perimenopause

PLUS: Free Downloads

Cycle tracking guide

Meal plans and recipes

Journal prompts

And so much more!

What you will gain from this course

A deeper understanding of perimenopause and how it may affect you

More energy and fewer cravings with our tailor-made nutritional advice, meal plans and recipes

Better sleep, less stress and more joy with our innovative, evidence-based lifestyle tips

A happier, healthier you!

Demystify your perimenopause and get back to feeling yourself again.

By women, for women

Meet the team behind the FUTURE WOMAN perimenopause foundations course

Francesa Lyon


Francesca completed her degree in natural medicine in New Zealand at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine. Francesca specialises in hormone health and has a particular interest in perimenopause and PCOS.

Sophie Elletson


Sophie trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. She specialises in women’s hormones, fertility and post-partum.

Nicole Corriette


Nicole has 15 years’ experience as an NHS GP, specialising in women’s health, with diplomas from the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health.

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