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– Octavia C. (Customer)

Supplement and healthplan review (30 mins)


  • 30 minute online follow up consultation with a FUTURE WOMAN expert
  • For existing clients only
  • Includes updates to your existing health plan (or hormone test report healthplan) with supplement, diet & lifestyle recommendations

Comprehensive and accurate hormone testing from home

Hyper-personalised health plans prepared by experts

Created by women, for women

The all-in-one solution for women’s hormone health


YOUR all-in-one hormone service at home

Your personalised healthplan

Comprehensive hormone testing 

A personalised health plan to feel better

Expert-reviewed results

Practitioner-grade supplements

Your personalised health plan


Check your symptoms

Tell us how you’ve been feeling lately and we’ll recommend a hormone test you can easily do at home. 

Test at home

Test your hormones and other key markers with our comprehensive tests, without ever leaving the house.


Our team of nutritionists will review your results and symptoms, and provide you with a personalised plan to feel better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Existing client follow up consultation.

If you’re already a client of FUTURE WOMAN, and have had your full consultation + health plan or have received your hormone test report, we encourage you to book in for a follow up appointment 3 months later. Your practitioner can then make any necessary tweaks to your health plan.

Please note: if you are a new customer, please purchase a test or a full online consultation and health plan first.

Book in for a follow up session with one of our hormone experts today and you’ll receive an update to your personalised hormone health plan from your expert practitioner which includes:
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Diet & lifestyle recommendations
  • Personalised recipes and meal plans

This online consultation last 30 minutes.

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