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Eloise Newnham, founder and CEO of FUTURE WOMAN

Eloise Newnham is the founder and CEO of FUTURE WOMAN. She founded the company in 2020 when she couldn’t find proper support for her period pains. Discover what a typical day looks like for her.

During the week I usually wake up at around 7.30 and head straight outside to the terrace to get some morning sunlight and do a quick stretch. We moved to Barcelona in 2021, so luckily I do actually get to see the sun most days.

It’s taken me a while to realise that a good morning routine is a short morning routine. In the past I tried to do a million things before breakfast – yoga, meditation, morning pages, dry skin brushing, but it took way too long and I have far too much work to do!

Now I just start the day with some breathwork. In my follicular phase, when my energy levels are higher, it’s usually 3 quick rounds of Wim Hof. This is something new I’ve been trying for the past 6 months to help with feelings of overwhelm. It takes about 5 minutes and involves a series of rapid deep breathing followed by a long breath hold. I find it really helpful at getting my day off to a positive start and giving me the sense that I can tackle anything, which is really important as a founder because you really never know what might happen. 

FUTURE WOMAN ultimate smoothie

Breakfast is usually our FUTURE WOMAN protein smoothie or eggs and bacon, maybe with some toast depending on how active my day is. Eating protein and fat for breakfast is one of the single most impactful changes I’ve made in the last few years – it keeps my mood and energy levels really stable and stops me getting “hangry” later. 

Balancing my blood sugar has had a big impact on my progesterone levels too (see below). And as many of our clients know well, good levels of progesterone make everything feel better! I skip the coffee because it makes me anxious and disrupts my blood sugar. Instead, I have a ginger tea or hot chocolate sweetened with a bit of honey and some added Maca to boost my oestrogen levels (which are always on the low side).

Results taken from the Advanced Hormone Test.

Then I take my supplements. My current supplement stack includes Sulforaphane and Calcium D Glucarate (to help with my oestrogen detox), Shatavari (to boost my oestrogen), Vitamin D, Magnesium Malate and some liposomal Vitamin C and CoQ10. If I’m feeling run down I’ll take some glutathione as well. This stack has been refined by our amazing lead nutritionist Francesca Lyon over the last 2 years based on my latest test results and has been making such a difference to my energy levels, skin, mood and, of course, period pains. I struggled with awful menstrual cramps for years, but amazingly the arrival of my period actually surprised my last month because it didn’t come with any pain at all.

I split my time between working from home and working in an office in downtown Barcelona. Today it’s a home day so I did a quick walk around the block after breakfast to clear my head before I got started.

We always start the day with a team call to see what everyone is up to. We are an all-women team so it’s usually pretty chatty and hard to keep to just an hour! This is my absolute favourite part of the day – we really do have the best team of kind, funny and talented women.

FUTURE WOMAN founding team

No two days are ever the same at FUTURE WOMAN. Today I spent the morning focused on our latest launch – the Hormone Hub, a new monthly subscription that introduces a completely new way of eating for women. We talk to so many women who are confused about what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat… so I can’t wait to share this with the world. We’re doing the final tweaks now, making sure everything flows nicely and is easy to navigate. 

Then it was time for lunch. Today I had sardine butter on toast, rocket and some grilled peppers. It’s taken me a while to figure out how to optimise my diet in Spain but sardines feature on the menu quite frequently. Canned sardines are really popular here and one of the best foods for hormone health as they’re full of protein and healthy fats. The toast is from an amazing gluten-free bread recipe which lead nutritionist Sophie developed for the Hormone Hub. It’s so good, even my husband is obsessed.

Eloise Newnham: Empowered Women Empowered Startups

In the afternoon I headed downtown to chair a panel event on women in startups at Startup Grind, a community here in Barcelona. The statistics are really depressing when it comes to women led startups – I found out that only 2% of investment in Europe goes to women-founded startups. But I was determined to keep the panel positive so we talked about all the amazing things that women bring to the table when running a startup – our abilities to collaborate, build community, mitigate risk and create companies with a positive impact on the planet. I love getting out and about and talking to other women founders so it was a great afternoon.

I headed back home and had a bowl of my home-made granola with some blueberries and dark chocolate. Shop-bought granola is full of sugar, so I’ve been trying to perfect a paleo granola recipe for the last few months and I think I’ve almost nailed it – it’s a mixture of nuts, seeds and puffed amaranth baked in coconut oil, a tiny bit of honey and lots of cinnamon. When I’m finally happy with it, maybe we’ll add it to the Hormone Hub!

I still felt a bit tired so I tried some breathwork to squeeze another couple of hours out of my day. Lately I’ve been enjoying The Breath Guy’s fast focus session. It’s amazing how much more energetic you can feel after some deep breathing. I managed 90 more minutes of work and then had to call it a day. 

I’m super conscious of managing my energy as a founder. It’s so easy to burnout and I’m working really hard to support my adrenals and boost my cortisol levels as they were still low when I last tested, although worlds apart from when I tested in 2021!

Results taken from the Advanced Hormone Test.

Dinner is some leftovers – I slow-cooked some beef shin over the weekend and it will be even more delicious tonight, with a baked potato, green beans and lots of butter. We are huge fans of slow cooking at FUTURE WOMAN and it features heavily in our new Hormone Hub. It saves so much time and allows you to cook cheaper cuts of meat on the bone, which are more nutritious and full of so many amazing benefits for our hormones. 

My husband and I ate dinner together on the terrace. We’re enjoying that rare moment in time in Barcelona when the temperature is warm but there aren’t too many mosquitos.

Then it’s usually an episode or two of something on TV. My ‘bedtime alarm’ goes off at 9.45pm telling me to start getting ready for bed but I’m ashamed to say I ignore it most days and spend a lot of time faffing or answering emails. I take some magnesium glycinate before bed, and then I usually fall asleep at around 11.30pm after managing a grand total of 3 pages of whatever novel I’m reading.

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