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Advanced Hormone Test


  • Comprehensive hormone and metabolite test
  • Expert-reviewed report with your results
  • Includes personalised health plan

Comprehensive and accurate hormone testing from home

Hyper-personalised health plans prepared by experts

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The all-in-one solution for women’s hormone health


YOUR all-in-one hormone service at home

Your personalised healthplan

Comprehensive hormone testing 

A personalised health plan to feel better

Expert-reviewed results

Practitioner-grade supplements

Your personalised health plan


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Advanced Hormone Test is the most comprehensive and accurate hormone test on the market. This test assesses your reproductive and adrenal or stress hormones, along with their metabolites in order to gain a full picture of your hormone health. It also includes an assessment of your daily free cortisol, melatonin, inflammation, gut health and organic acids such as B6 and B12 which are vital for healthy hormone function.

This comprehensive hormone test captures a full day of hormone production via four or five dried urine and saliva samples over a 24-hour period.

The Advanced Hormone Test can be done entirely from home and includes an online report, complete with your results and personalised health plan.

What’s included in the Advanced Hormone Test?

  • At-home hormone testing kit with dried urine collection
  • Free return postage to our CLIA-certified partner lab
  • Personalised health plan, reviewed by one of our experts
  • 10% off all recommended supplements

How does the Advanced Hormone Test work?

This test involves collecting four dried urine samples on paper strips, over a 24-hour period in your luteal phase or second half of your cycle. We test in your luteal phase to make sure we’re capturing progesterone at its peak.

You can collect your samples easily from home at the recommended times, then simply leave your strips to dry for 24 hours and post back to our partner lab using the mailer bag provided in your kit.

Once you have sent off your samples, our partner lab will analyse them and send us your results. Then our hormone experts will review your results, alongside your symptoms, and prepare your personalised report.

Take a look at an example report.

Who is the Advanced Hormone Test for?

We recommend this test for women who would like to understand their hormone health in greater depth. It’s a popular test among our PCOS and fertility clients, and is also useful if you’ve recently experienced a lot of stress or are struggling with fatigue or unexplained weight gain.

This hormone test can also be helpful if you are in perimenopause or menopause and are either on HRT or considering HRT. This is because it allows our hormone experts to assess which hormones you actually need, and whether you’re safely metabolising your oestrogen.

Relevant symptoms 

We recommend this hormone test for women struggling with symptoms like PMS, heavy or painful periods, unwanted hair growth, head hair loss, unexplained weight gain, hot flushes, mood swings, low mood, anxiety, irritability, trouble conceiving, PMDD, fatigue and stress.

What we test in the Advanced Hormone Test

Our FUTURE WOMAN hormone tests are the most accurate and comprehensive hormone tests on the market, because they provide insights into not only your hormone production and hormone balance, but also your hormone metabolism and other contributing factors such as stress, inflammation, nutrient deficiencies and even gut health.

So often when we’re symptomatic, it can be because of poor hormone metabolism, stress or other factors rather than simply having too much or too little of a particular hormone.

Progesterone & its Metabolites

  • b-Pregnanediol
  • a-Pregnanediol
  • Total progesterone


  • Estrone(E1)
  • Estradiol(E2)
  • Estriol(E3)
  • Total Estrogen

Phase 1 Estrogen Metabolites

  • 2-OH-E1
  • 4-OH-E1
  • 16-OH-E1

Phase 2 Estrogen Metabolites

  • 2-Methoxy-E1
  • 2-OH-E2
  • 4-OH-E2
  • 2-Methoxy-E2


  • Testosterone
  • DHEA-S
  • Androsterone
  • Etiocholanolone

Androgen Metabolites

  • 5a-DHT
  • 5a-Androstanediol
  • 5b-Androstanediol
  • Epi-Testosterone

Creatinine (Urine)

  • Creatinine A (Waking) / B (Morning) / C (Afternoon) / D (Night)

Daily Free Cortisol and Cortisone

  • Cortisol A (Waking) / B (Morning) / C (Afternoon) / D (Night)
  • Cortisone A (Waking) / B (Morning) / C (Afternoon) / D (Night)
  • 24hr Free Cortisol
  • 24hr Free Cortisone
  • Cortisol Metabolites and DHEA-S
  • a-Tetrahydrocortisol (a-THF)
  • b-Tetrahydrocortisol (b-THF)
  • b-Tetrahydrocortisone (b-THE)
  • Metabolized Cortisol (THF+THE)
  • DHEA-S

Nutritional Organic Acids

  • Vitamin B12 Marker
  • Vitamin B6 Markers
  • Glutathione Marker
  • Biotin Marker
  • Gut Health Marker
  • Neuroinflammation Marker
  • Neurotransmitter Metabolites
  • Dopamine Metabolite
  • Norepinephrine/Epinephrine Metabolite
  • Melatonin
  • Oxidative Stress / DNA Damage

When can I take the Advanced Hormone Test?

Best Day for Testing

It’s important to do this test 5-7 days after ovulation for an accurate reading of your progesterone. Read this article on how to pick the best days for testing. Alternatively you can contact someone in our customer service team at support@future-woman.com.

Time of Day

The Advanced Hormone Test is taken over the course of one 24-hour period, with 4 individual samples for dried urine collection and 4 individual samples for saliva collection. An extra sample of each is provided in the case of insomnia.

How often should I take this test?

We recommend taking this test every 6 months.

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