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Online training for health coaches on women's hormones

Limited spaces available. 

“Loving it, I can already think of many of my clients who will benefit hugely.”

“The course has really filled a space left by my initial health coach training.”

“It’s changed the way I see my own health!”

Take your coaching business to the next level

Deepen your understanding of women’s hormones, as well as how to optimise hormone health.

Test your own hormones with a free Advanced Hormone Test to experience how testing can help.

Earn commission on sales of FUTURE WOMAN tests to your clients.

"I've finished the course feeling so confident, knowledgeable and empowered!"

"The course is so in depth and the sessions were delivered so well. I have learnt much more than I ever imagined I would. I've finished the course feeling so confident, knowledgeable and empowered!"
Fiona Bleetman
Naturopathic Health Coach

What's included?

12 week online course

Monthly live Q&A sessions 

A free hormone test (worth £399)

Unique discount code 

Access to testing for your clients

Special guest lectures

"Hormone health was a big missing piece of the picture with clients... this has perfectly filled that gap."

"I have been blown away by FUTURE WOMAN+. Hormone health was a big missing piece of the picture with how I can support clients and this has perfectly filled that gap. The team are extremely knowledgable and really care about women's health. I highly recommend this course to any other health coaches."
Archana Patel
Archana Patel
Health & Alcohol Reduction Coach

Want to learn more?

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Are you struggling to grow your coaching business? Are you finding it hard to differentiate yourself and attract the right clients?

Giselle Rouvier, wellbeing coach and recent graduate of FUTURE WOMAN+, will share how she was able to redefine her niche, scale her coaching business and grow her income. Plus we’ll share exactly what you get with FUTURE WOMAN+ in our next cohort.

You don’t want to miss it!

Support clients struggling with...

  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Fertility problems
  • Post partum 
  • Mood changes
  • Heavy or painful periods
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Acne
  • Irregular or missing periods
  • Burnout

"The best investment for both my physical and mental health!"

"FUTURE WOMAN+ has been the best investment for both my physical and mental health. I’ve loved learning about my hormones and how everything works as a woman, it has empowered me to be able to make the changes I needed to help improve my hormones but also my mental health. I would highly recommend this course and the tests to anyone."
Kelly Brooksbank
Kelly Brooksbank
Personal Trainer and Women's Health Coach

Meet your course leads


  • Francesca completed her degree in natural medicine at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine. 
  • She is also a qualified medical herbalist and iridologist.
  • Francesca specialises in women’s hormones, with a particular focus on fertility, perimenopause and PCOS.


  • Sophie completed her degree at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. 
  • She specialises in women’s hormones, with a focus on food and diet to support hormone health.
  • Sophie is also an editor of nutrition books and previously worked for Penguin Publishing.

"It's given me the confidence to know that these interventions really do have very positive effects"

"I've loved completing the FUTURE WOMAN+ Training and it's given me a deeper understanding of the body and it's hormones in order to help my clients. It was also eye-opening being able to take my own hormone test as I could really see that the changes I've been making to my own diet & lifestyle and that I help my clients to also make, have actually really supported me as I journey through perimenopause and given me the confidence to know that these interventions really do have very positive effects."
Jo Fazel
Jo Fazel
Menopause and Weight Loss Coach

Our 12 week online programme

24 hours of expert-led content, case studies, special guests and bonus content

Hormone deep dives for FUTURE WOMAN+
Hormone Focus Areas for FUTURE WOMAN+
Benefits of testing for FUTURE WOMAN+
Bonus content for FUTURE WOMAN+
Special guests for FUTURE WOMAN+

"The course has really filled a space left by my initial health coach training."

"This course has been an amazing dive into understanding women's hormones that has really filled a space left by my initial health coach training. Highly recommend!"
Juliet Hartis
Women's Health Coach & Osteopath

Frequently Asked Questions

Education: This 12 week online course will teach you everything you need to know about:

  • How to interpret our FUTURE WOMAN tests
  • The role our hormones play inside the body, including hormone metabolism
  • Diet and supplementation to support hormone health
  • Common hormone imbalances including PCOS, HA and PMS
  • Hormones through our life cycle, including perimenopause and menopause
Access: FUTURE WOMAN+ also gives you access to our FUTURE WOMAN comprehensive, at-home hormone testing for your clients, as well as our expert interpretation.
Acceleration: You’ll get access to a unique discount code which you can share with your clients and that enables you to earn ongoing commission.
This programme is suitable for anyone based in the UK, US or Europe.
US: Our Advanced Hormone Test and consultations are now available in the US.
Europe: We will be available to our European clients in June 2024.
UK: All our tests are available in the UK as always.

The course is online and involves 2 hours of study each week. We will also host monthly, live Q&A sessions.

Once you purchase the course, you’ll be given your unique discount code. 

You’re entitled to up to 15% off our tests and consults with your code. Just let us know how you want to split the discount between you and your clients (e.g. 5% commission, 10% discount to your clients).

FUTURE WOMAN is on a mission to fix women’s hormones, naturally. We offer personalised health plans powered by at-home hormone testing.  We always aim to get to the root of our clients hormone issues by addressing symptoms, habits and test results in one, personalised plan.

The company was founded by Eloise Newnham, a Goldman Sachs investment banker, who was struggling to get help via her GP for period pains. She wanted to create a unified experience where women could get real, targeted support for their hormones.

We have an amazing team of in-house nutritionists who are all experts in women’s hormones. And we’ve been featured in The Guardian, SheerLuxe, Women & Home and many more.

    • Hormone curriculum… VALUE £9,599
    • Special guest lectures… VALUE £1,599
    • Monthly live Q&As with our practitioners… VALUE £1,599+
    • Private community… VALUE £999
    • Advanced Hormone Test… VALUE £399
    • Affiliate scheme… Sky’s the limit!
    • Lifetime access
    • Total value: £14,195
    • Your total investment: £1,049*

** Pay in 3 available**

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