Online consultation and healthplan


  • 50 minute online consultation with a FUTURE WOMAN expert
  • Full health plan with supplement, diet & lifestyle recommendations
  • Recipe and meal plans included

“I finally have answers!”

– Millie

More accurate than at-home blood tests

A personalised plan, prepared by experts

A complete assessment of your hormone health

92% of women feel better after just 6 weeks


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“The best money I’ve ever spent.”

“Just what you need when you’ve been banging your head against a wall for so long.

“I almost burst into tears of relief!”

Get back to feeling yourself again

Test your hormones at home

Test your hormones at home

Get comprehensive, accurate hormone testing from home with easy, dried urine collection.

Tell us how you're feeling

Tell us how you’re feeling

We analyse your symptoms, diet and daily habits to build a clear picture of you.

Personalised health plan

Get your personalised plan

Our nutritionists create a 3 month health plan with supplement, diet and lifestyle recommendations, tailored to you.

92% of women feel better after following their plan for just 6 weeks

Your personalised health plan

Prefer to chat to someone?

If you’ve still got questions, book a free call with one of the FUTURE WOMAN team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you…

  • Struggling with symptoms before your period like mood swings, PMS, cravings and fatigue?
  • Suffering from heavy, long or painful periods?
  • Noticing unexplained weight gain despite no change to your diet or exercise routine?
  • Struggling to get pregnant and aren’t sure why?
  • Constantly battling fatigue and feeling drained?
  • Just not feeling like yourself?
Book in for a 1-1 session with one of our hormone experts today and you’ll receive a personalised hormone health plan from your expert practitioner which includes:
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Diet & lifestyle recommendations
  • Personalised recipes and meal plans

This online consultation last 50 minutes.

nice to meet you!

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If you want to understand how we can help with your symptoms, book a free 15-minute consultation with one of our hormone experts.

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