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Eloise Newnham

“I personally struggled with PMS and very painful, heavy periods for more than 20 years before it occurred to me I needed help. My symptoms interfered with my job, ruined countless holidays and left me feeling weak and unable to concentrate every single month. But I figured that’s just what women are supposed to go through, right?

In fact, while my symptoms are common, they’re not normal. By swerving the pill, finally seeking out an excellent nutritionist, and doing an in depth hormone and hormone metabolism test, I was able to understand exactly what my body needs in order to have a healthy, pain-free cycle.

I wanted to share what helped me with other women like you. And so I created FUTURE WOMAN. 

Our expert team of GPs and nutritionists are all specialists in hormone health. And our unique combination of comprehensive, at-home testing and a personalised healthplan will address your symptoms for the long term. Naturally.

A staggering 92% of our clients feel better within just 6 weeks of following their personalised healthplan.

No more guesswork, no more being blindly prescribed hormonal contraceptives or anti-depressants. Our all-women team of experts is here to listen and to help you finally feel better.”

Eloise, founder of FUTURE WOMAN

Women deserve so much better


of women suffer from PMS at some point in their life.

1 IN 10

women leave their jobs due to menopause.

1 IN 10

 women suffer from endometriosis, waiting 8 years for a diagnosis.


of menopausal women have been wrongly prescribed anti-depressants.

Our all-women team are here to help!

As the founding team of FUTURE WOMAN, we are on a mission to redefine healthcare for women.

nice to meet you!

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