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of women with PCOS experience weight gain
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struggle with anxiety or low mood
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suffer from head hair loss or body hair growth
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experience infertility or trouble conceiving

How it works

Demystify your PCOS with our at-home hormone tests and get back to feeing yourself again.

Check your symptoms

Weight gain? Hair loss? Anxiety? Tell us how you’ve been feeling lately and we’ll recommend a hormone test you can easily do at home.

Test at home

Collect your sample, without ever leaving the house. Then send it back to the lab with our free postage and packaging.

Access your report

Our women's health experts will review your results and provide you with personalised strategies to feel better.

The most comprehensive and accurate hormone tests on the market

Our powerful range of PCOS hormone tests are a fraction of the price of hormone clinics.


A comprehensive assessment of the key sex hormones in PCOS, alongside their metabolites.


A comprehensive assessment of sex and adrenal hormones plus their metabolites, as well as nutrients and neurotransmitters.


Like the Advanced, but also includes a full map of your estrogen and progesterone throughout your cycle.

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Absolutely brilliant service and results

The hormone test was really easy to do at home, it arrived super quick. The practitioners were great too – they clearly know their stuff and I feel like my health (and skin) has really improved.



surprisingly easy and I loved the report

Thank you so much! The test was surprisingly easy to do and I loved the report – I found the section on my hormone metabolism really interesting and it explained a lot!



Fantastic product & lovely consultation staff

I love FUTURE WOMAN, they did a great job helping me understand my hormones. There aren’t a lot of products on the market like this, so I was really pleased to find them.


By women, for women

Our team of women’s health experts are here to listen and to finally help you feel better.

Nicole Corriette, Medical Director
Nicole is a GP with 15 years experience working for the NHS. She’s particularly experienced in women’s health and has a diploma from the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology as well as a diploma from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Sophie Elletson, Nutritionist
Sophie is a degree qualified Naturopath, completing her training at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has a particular focus on fertility and post-partum recovery.

Francesca Lyon, Nutritionist
Francesca is a degree qualified Naturopath & Medical herbalist originally from New Zealand. She’s deeply passionate about using natural methods to improve women’s health.

Why we test hormones in urine

Our dried urine hormone tests are more accurate and comprehensive than a single blood test for hormones.

Get a more accurate picture

Our hormones are pulsed into our body throughout the day and night. So a single blood test could be capturing a trough, a peak or somewhere in between. With urine testing we can take an average reading across 4-5 samples to get a more accurate reading.

Test your metabolites

It’s only possible to test your hormone metabolites in urine. Often when we’re symptomatic, it can be due to poor metabolism of our hormones (rather than having too much or too little).

Pain free collection at home

Our hormone tests are pain-free. Urinating on strips of paper is easier and less painful than collecting your own blood sample.

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