PCOS Masterclass

How to reverse your PCOS

With leading nutritionist and PCOS expert, Francesca Lyon

Pcos webinar

Have you tried everything but still can’t seem to get a handle on your PCOS symptoms? Or been to your GP only to be recommended the pill, which makes all your symptoms worse? We’ll take you through step by step exactly how we help clients to reverse their PCOS by addressing the root cause of their symptoms.

Your speakers

Your speakers

Eloise Newnham, Founder & CEO of FUTURE WOMAN. FUTURE WOMAN is on a mission to fix women’s hormones, naturally. Eloise founded the company in 2020 when trying to address her chronic period pains.

Francesca Lyon, lead nutritionist and PCOS expert at FUTURE WOMAN. Francesca is a nutritionist, naturopath and herbalist, with a specialism in hormones and PCOS.

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