✨Doors now open for our september cohort✨



FUTURE WOMAN+ is a 12 week self-paced, online training and affiliate programme for health coaches. Doors are now open for our September cohort!

  • Master women’s hormones
  • Test your own hormone levels
  • Accelerate your business

12 week online course with monthly live Q&A sessions

Access to FUTURE WOMAN testing for your clients

FREE Advanced Hormone Test included!

Special guest lectures and Q&As


1. Education

Self-paced, online learning

This 12 week online course will teach you everything you need to know about:

  • How to interpret our FUTURE WOMAN tests
  • The role our hormones play inside the body, including hormone metabolism
  • Diet and supplementation to support hormone health
  • Common hormone imbalances including PCOS, HA and PMS
  • Hormones through our life cycle, including perimenopause and menopause
Special Guests

The programme includes 3 sessions with special guests: Anna Cromack, Body Psychotherapist; Alessandra Large, Breathwork Expert and Elodie Levasseur, Women’s Empowerment coach.

Live Q&As 

We run monthly live Q&As with our practitioners to answer all your burning questions.


Join our forum and community of other health coaches to share ideas and collaborate.

2. Access

FUTURE WOMAN+ gives you access to our FUTURE WOMAN comprehensive, at-home hormone testing for your clients, as well as our expert interpretation. You’ll also get to test your own hormones with a free Advanced Hormone Test so you can experience our service first hand.

3. Acceleration

You’ll receive your own unique discount code, which you can share with your clients to earn ongoing commission.

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