10 Summer holiday packing essentials

Summer holiday packing essentials

That long awaited summer holiday has arrived! But how do you keep your hormones happy and balanced while you’re away from home?

Our FUTURE WOMAN team of nutritionists has put together the ultimate guide to packing essentials for your next vacation.

Please note our recommendations are not ads or affiliates, just our preferred brands.

#1: Protein powder sachets

One of our top recommendations for hormone balance is to start the day with a high protein breakfast. This keeps mood and energy stable, and also reduces stress on the body which in turn supports regular ovulation. 

However, the protein options at your hotel breakfast buffet might be limited. So, if eggs aren’t on the menu, pack a few sachets of your favourite protein powder to have with breakfast. That way you can enjoy a continental breakfast and still keep your hormones happy.

❤️ We love SunWarrior’s sprouted vanilla protein powder sachets

#2 Electrolyte Stick Packs

Electrolytes are crucial for our hormone health – they regulate our metabolism, maintain fluid balance and regulate our stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. When we’re out in the heat, sweating more than usual or drinking lots of ‘normal’ water we can disrupt our electrolyte balance. Flying also dehydrates us, depleting our electrolytes.

Bringing some electrolyte sachets is therefore key for any summer holiday abroad. Simply add to water according to the instructions, and sip throughout the day.

❤️ We love LMNT’s electrolyte stick packs.

#3 Plastic free water bottle

We always advise clients never to drink from a plastic bottle. BPAs from the plastic are endocrine disrupters – meaning they disrupt the functioning of our hormones at every stage. If you have any hormone imbalances, then avoiding plastic is key.

Bring your own glass or stainless steel water bottle on holiday, preferably with an inbuilt filter. Many airports now have drinking water taps so you can fill up your water bottle (and add in your electrolytes too!) before you fly.

❤️ We love LARQ’s stainless steel filtered water bottle.

#4 Sleep Mask

Melatonin, our nighttime hormone, is produced in the pineal gland in response to darkness. So sleeping in as dark a room as possible is preferable for good quality sleep. However, you can’t control the level of darkness in your bedroom on holiday. So taking a silk sleep mask is a great way to block out the light. Turning down the lights and avoiding screens 1-2 hours before bed is also crucial to support sleep.

❤️ We love this navy silk sleep mask.

#5 toxin-free suncream

We don’t love suncream in general at FUTURE WOMAN – it blocks vitamin D absorption (key for hormone production) and is usually filled with endocrine disrupting chemicals like Oxybenzone, which has been linked to endometriosis as well as irregular periods, low libido, poor sleep and weight gain. See our tips for preventing burning without suncream

However, if you can’t find shade in the hottest times of the day, you’ll need suncream to avoid burning. So pack some toxin-free brands instead. 

❤️ We love Green People for the body, and UpCircle Beauty for the face. 

#6 Pill Packs for supplements

We don’t want you to skip the supplements we’ve recommended for you when you’re on holiday! Weekly pill packs are a great way to keep your supplements organised and travel light. Just make sure the one you buy is big enough to fit bigger capsules.

❤️ We love Simpolor’s 7 Day Pill Box Organiser in Pink.

#7 Probiotics

Food poisoning on holiday is never fun, so we always take an emergency stash of Saccharide Boulardii. Research shows this strain of bacteria is most effective for traveller’s diarrhoea. Lead nutritionist Francesca recommends taking these for 2 weeks before going away as well, to fight any nasty bugs or bacteria.

❤️ We love Optibac’s Saccharide Boulardii.

#8 Magnesium Citrate

Constipation and bloating on holiday can make you feel rubbish. So we always keep some magnesium citrate on hand to keep things moving! The magnesium will also support a deep and restful sleep, which is key for hormone health.

❤️ We love Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Citrate.

#9 Resistance Bands

Resistance and strength training are great for hormone health. Increasing muscle mass can help combat insulin resistance, body fat, and high blood sugar levels, which are associated with PCOS and symptoms of perimenopause. 

Resistance bands are an incredibly effective way to build muscle – they remove gravity from your workout so you can push your muscles harder, leading to faster results. They’re also extremely light and easy to pack! Combined with some long walks and swims, you’ll have a great workout combination on holiday.

❤️ We love Active Forever’s Fitness Bands for Women.

#10 Healthy snacks

Generally speaking, we recommend sticking to 3 balanced meals a day with plenty of protein, fat and fibre. However, we know that travelling can throw off your usual schedule. So if you find yourself hungry, it’s great to have some healthy, high protein snacks to hand. Read our handy guide to snacking.

The best high protein snack for when you’re travelling is a bag of mixed nuts or seeds. Protein bars can also be great – but be careful to check the ingredients as they can often contain nasty additives and hidden sugars. 

❤️ We love Nuzest Protein Bars

Aaaand relax!

So there you have it – our top 10 summer holiday packing essentials.

We wish you a wonderful holiday, with plenty of time for rest and relaxation. Your hormones will thank you for it!

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