Our Top 10 Books for Hormone Health

Top 10 books for hormone health

Women’s hormones can be complex to understand! So the team at FUTURE WOMAN have collated their top 10 books for hormone health to help you navigate all the latest research and thinking on the topic.

We love these ten books written by some of the leading practitioners in hormone health. They’ll empower to know how your hormones work and help you to demystify your symptoms.

1. Period repair manual

Author: Lara briden

Lara Briden is the ultimate hormone expert (so much so that she appears on this list twice!) and the Period Repair Manual is her bible. We love how she balances all the latest research with her own unique perspectives from years of clinical experience.

Great for: younger women looking to understand symptoms like PMS, PCOS, heavy and painful periods.

2. Beyond the Pill

Author: Dr. Jolene Brighten

In Beyond the Pill, Dr Jolene Brighten sheds light on the side effects that come with the oral contraceptive pill. Not only does she talk in depth about how the pill may be affecting you but also what you can do to support your body and symptoms naturally. 

It’s super easy to read and full of great tips and tricks to start supporting your hormone health at home. 

Great for: if you’re considering coming off the pill.

3. The Fifth Vital Sign

Author: Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

The Fifth Vital Sign is an informative and easy-to-follow guide to tracking your menstrual cycle and fertility. Our menstrual cycle is a vital sign which provides so much important information about our health! 

Lisa Hendrikson-Jack teaches us what a normal cycle looks like, how to manage symptoms such as period pain and PMS, how to optimise our fertility, and so much more.

Great for: anyone thinking about getting pregnant as well as anyone wanting to avoid pregnancy using the fertility awareness method for contraception.

4. Roar

Author: Selene Yeager and Stacy Sims

Women are NOT small men, as ROAR so expertly demonstrates. In this comprehensive physical training and nutrition guide, Stacy and Selene show how women perform better by optimising for their own unique physiology and rhythms, rather than trying to copy men. 

Great for: women athletes or anyone wanting to learn more about training in accordance with their cycle.

5. Real food for pregnancy

Author: Lily Nichols

Real Food for Pregnancy brings together all the latest research on prenatal nutrition, along with some of the wisdom of traditional cultures, and proposes a nutrient-dense, low-carb approach to eating well in pregnancy.

Great for: women trying to conceive or who are already pregnant

6. The Postnatal Depletion Cure

Author: Dr Oscar Serrallach

The Postnatal Depletion Cure is a comprehensive guide to women’s health for every mother, whether with a newborn or toddler. Dr. Serrallach explains how to restore your health and vitality using nutrition, gentle exercises, and simple strategies to get you to finally feel like yourself again.

Great for: pregnant or postnatal women as well as women with young children.

7. Outsmart Endometriosis

Author: DR Jessica Drummond

Outsmart Endometriosis by Dr. Jessica Drummond is an empowering read that guides you through holistic but well-researched and evidence-based ways to support yourself through endometriosis. 

Great for: women recently diagnosed with endometriosis and looking to form a plan for their healing journey. 

8. Hashimoto's Protocol: A 90-Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting Your Life Back

Author: Isabella WenTZ

Fellow Hashimoto’s sufferer Isabella Wentz delves into a practical approach to reversing the root cause of Hashimoto’s in Hashimoto’s Protocol. She provides a practical roadmap to implementing dietary and lifestyle changes that will help you to recover and reverse the autoimmune disease. We love how Isabella Wentz takes a holistic approach by tying the liver, gut, and adrenals to the activity of the thyroid. 

Great for: women with Hashimoto’s or who are experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism.

9. Hormone Repair Manual

Author: Lara Briden

Another great book from Lara Briden – this time Hormone Repair Manual focuses on perimenopause. Lara puts forward a new perspective on perimenopause that emphasises the importance of progesterone and proposes natural ways to support hormone health in this phase of life.

Great for: women who are experiencing new perimenopausal symptoms.

Author: Dr Sara Gottfried

In Women, Food and Hormones, Dr Sara Gottfried presents a new hormone-friendly approach to eating for women in midlife, that focuses on keto and intermittent fasting.

Great for: women in midlife who feel like they’re gaining weight despite no changes to their diet or exercise.


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