All you need to know about PCOS

Weight gain? Irregular or missing periods? Acne or hair growth? You’re not alone. We help 1,000s of women with PCOS every month to reverse their symptoms.


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PCOS 101

Everything you need to know about PCOS and how we approach it at FUTURE WOMAN.

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Hormones and weight gain.

Hormones and weight gain

Discover the key hormones involved in weight gain – from insulin and cortisol to estrogen and testosterone – and how comprehensive hormone testing can help.

7 Causes of acne

7 causes of acne

Acne is not just for teenagers. Acne can appear at any time in our adult life as a result of hormone imbalances, gut disturbances and inflammation.


Insulin resistance and hormones

Insulin resistance can have a huge impact on women’s hormone health and can lead to PCOS, acne, heavy periods and fertility problems.  In this article

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